Ubuntu App Showdown: MenuLibre (Updated)

The Ubuntu App Showdown is already one week in. After one week of development, the menu editor MenuLibre has seen significant progress and is coming along nicely.

Ubuntu App Showdown: MenuLibre (Updated)

UPDATED:  Two weeks into the Ubuntu App Showdown and MenuLibre is very nearly finished.  A lot has changed in just one week, including a new, powerful breadcrumb navigation.  See the updated screenshots below!

Why a menu editor?  The current offering, Alacarte, is buggy and doesn’t quite meet the needs of any Ubuntu project.  Unity’s quicklists are one of its greatest assets, yet there is no way to edit them (except manually) or with external applications.  For the lightweight distributions, Alacarte is a headache because of it’s heavy GNOME requirements.  MenuLibre seeks to satisfy all camps.  Continue on for some screenshots!

MenuLibre is now fully integrated into System Settings.
When MenuLibre starts, you are greeted with your application categories.
MenuLibre allows you to quickly and easily search for the launcher you’re looking for.
Editing a menu item has never been easier before MenuLibre’s powerful interface.
One of the biggest features of Unity are the Quicklist shortcuts. MenuLibre makes editing quicklists a breeze.
Power User? MenuLibre has something for you too! Directly edit the shortcut’s desktop file.
Easily change and preview your menu’s icons, with a quick glance at common icon sizes.
MenuLibre allows you to easily browse available icons for your application.
What good would a menu editor be if it kept you from adding your own menu items?

Well, what do you think?  Have any criticisms, suggestions, or comments… or are you just really excited to see this thing coming to life?  Let me know in the comments!