MenuLibre 2.0.3 Released

In the second of my delayed release announcements, you’ll learn all about the latest and greatest version of MenuLibre!

MenuLibre 2.0.3 Released

What’s New?

Here’s a brief summary of the changes since the last announcement of MenuLibre 2.0

Bug Fixes

General Improvements

  • Do not install *.pot files.
  • Additional fallback code for detecting the user session
  • Save the position of newly added launchers
  • Automatically save newly added separator items
  • Improved menu cleanup when items are removed
  • When saving, guarantee the launcher menus’ categories are included
  • Sync visibility with NoDisplay and Hidden properties


  • Improved directory and subdirectory (un)installation
  • Disable adding subdirectories to system-installed paths


  • Add new launchers to the directory they are placed on
  • Automatically expand directories new launchers are being added to
  • Delete unsaved new launchers and directories
  • Disable Add Launcher/Directory/Separator when searching
  • Icon Selection dialogs made more keyboard-accessible
  • Manual icon selection now has a filter to only display images


  • Fix adding top-level menu items to the Xfce Applications menu


MenuLibre with the latest Greybird theme.
MenuLibre with the latest Numix theme.
MenuLibre with the latest Ambiance theme.

Getting MenuLibre

Ubuntu 14.04 users can install MenuLibre from the repositories.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install menulibre

For everyone else, the source package is available from here.  To install for a single user,

python3 install --user

To install system-wide,

sudo python3 install