Parole Media Player 0.6.1 Released

In the last of my long-lost release announcements, we’ll review the changes in Parole Media Player 0.6.1.

Parole Media Player 0.6.1 Released

What’s New?

This release builds on the changes from 0.5.90 and 0.5.91, please see their respective release announcements.

General Improvements

  • Added “Contents” menu item in the Help menu.  Goes to online documentation.
  • Removed redundant settings button from the playlist
  • Improved search in the playlist
  • Plugin API documentation updates

Bug Fixes

  • Properly use specified device, use correct URI (LP: #1098323)
  • Fixed crash for m3u files with all absolute paths

Additionally, Parole Media Player has been patched in Ubuntu 14.04 to properly load plugins again! (LP: #1286046, LP: #1168810, Xfce #9904)


Parole’s plugins work again in Ubuntu 14.04
Parole with the latest Greybird theme.
Parole with the latest Numix theme.

Getting Parole Media Player

Ubuntu 14.04 users will find the latest version of Parole in the repositories.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install parole

For other distributions, the source files can be downloaded from Parole’s download page.