Mugshot Has Moved (to GitHub)!

Heads up to bug reporters, documentation writers, translators, and package maintainers! In an attempt to reach more contributors and users, Mugshot has been migrated from Launchpad to GitHub. More information up next.

Mugshot Has Moved (to GitHub)!


Starting as a Xubuntu project, being hosted on Launchpad meant that all potential contributors already had a login (Ubuntu One) and were familiar with the version control system (Bazaar) and project management tools. With everyone’s help, Mugshot went from first release to full featured in a very short amount of time.

Fast forward to 2019 and Mugshot has already made some important changes: the codebase has moved to Git; it has been localized for 30 different languages; packages can be found on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and many other distributions; and all program functionality is fully documented on my wiki. Despite being such a small project, I’d say it’s been particularly successful.  🙂

And now I’d like to extend Mugshot to the larger open source community. By moving to GitHub, Mugshot is able to make use of several quality-of-life improvements that GitHub provides:

  • Code, bug tracking, pull requests, releases, and a wiki all in the same place.
  • Rich text support for better quality and more readable documentation.
  • Easy access for new contributors who already have a GitHub account.
  • Integration with Transifex, where many translators already contribute to Xfce and other popular open source software.

What’s Changing?

How to Contribute

Now that you’re up to speed with Mugshot, would you like to contribute some time toward the project? Please visit the new contributor documentation to learn how to get started with bug triage, code, documentation, or translations. Thanks for the help!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Here’s looking forward to some great Mugshot updates in the future. Cheers!