Xubuntu Development Update September 2021

Xubuntu had a variety of updates in September. Our development server was once again funded. The latest wallpaper was published. There were a handful of package uploads. And finally, some news on Xfce 4.17!

Xubuntu Development Update September 2021

Funding the Xubuntu Development Server

Thanks to the Ubuntu Community Fund, the Xubuntu web server has been funded for another two years. Elizabeth announced the news on Twitter early in September. If you want to sponsor Xubuntu and the other flavors, the community fund is the way to go. Other options are available on the Xubuntu website.

Wallpaper Update

On September 30, Pasi uploaded the new wallpaper for Xubuntu 21.10. This cycle's wallpaper features overlapping teal geometric shapes, continuing the tradition of calm and clean backdrops. The updated xubuntu-artwork package has been submitted and is currently awaiting acceptance into the 21.10 archive.

Featuring teal geometric shapes, the Xubuntu 21.10 wallpaper gives off a relaxing vibe.

Package Updates

In September, the Xubuntu packageset saw only a few updates to Xfce and Xubuntu components.

Greybird-dark was updated with a much smoother gradient for non-CSD window titlebars, better aligning with the CSD version.

In other package-related (semi-Xubuntu-related) news, Ayatana indicators have replaced the original libappindicator and libindicator in Ubuntu, with the originals demoted from main to universe. libappindicator and libindicator have been removed entirely from Debian.

Xfce 4.17 PPA Update

Xfce 4.18 is still very early in its development, with Xfce 4.17 as its development series. Our Debian package manager, Unit 193, has started publishing Xfce 4.17 builds to the Xubuntu QA Experimental PPA for testing and development. There's not much to see here yet, but if you're curious (and don't mind the occasional breakage), check it out! If you prefer not to install bleeding-edge packages on your system, you can also use the XFCE Test docker image to try out the latest changes.

Xfce 4.17 packages are now available for 21.10 (featured), 21.04, and 20.04.

Upcoming Dates

If you're following along with the Release Schedule, you know that Xubuntu 21.10 "Impish Indri" is just around the corner! The BETA release notes are up on the Xubuntu Wiki. More than ever, please take the time to test Xubuntu to help us catch some last-minute bugs.

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