Xubuntu Development Update March 2023

In February, Xubuntu Minimal went live, Flatpak was removed, and Xubuntu joined Mastodon. Get the latest details here.

Xubuntu Development Update March 2023

Xubuntu Minimal has arrived for Xubuntu 23.04

After seven long years, Xubuntu Minimal (formerly Xubuntu Core), has become an official sub-project built and published on Canonical infrastructure. 🎉️

Introducing Xubuntu core « Xubuntu
Xubuntu – Xubuntu is an elegant and easy-to-use operating system.
Xubuntu Core was first announced way back in May, 2015. That was a simpler time.

Xubuntu Minimal is a slimmed down version of Xubuntu that doesn't come with the additional features of a modern desktop operating system. You get the basics: Xfce, Xubuntu defaults, a file manager, and a few other essential components. Build your own experience atop Xubuntu's stable and tested minimal environment.

Xubuntu Minimal currently clocks in at 1.7 GiB (1.8 GB), while the standard Xubuntu desktop image is 2.8 GiB (3.0 GB). When we started this project over seven years ago, the image fit on a standard CD-ROM at less than 700 MB. Since then, everything has gotten bigger and reducing the image size will require some clever adjustments. If you'd like to check Xubuntu Minimal out, daily ISO builds can be found on cdimage.ubuntu.com.

There is a known issue with both the Xubuntu desktop and minimal images where default settings are not being correctly loaded. This should be resolved in tomorrow's daily builds (March 4, 2023).

Flatpak removed for Xubuntu 23.04

Following a joint decision between the Ubuntu flavors, no official flavor will include Flatpak integration in their installation starting with the upcoming April release, 23.04 "Lunar Lobster". 23.04 would have been the first Xubuntu release to ship with Flatpak integration, so this change will not affect any user. Anybody that is already using Flatpak will not be affected either, as the package will not be uninstalled if you have interacted with Flatpak previously.

Ubuntu Flavor Packaging Defaults
Ubuntu flavors offer a unique way to experience Ubuntu, and are part of what makes Ubuntu not just an operating system, but an ecosystem of Linux variations that promote choice and diversity. Flavors build around a common core experience, where it is immediately clear that you are using Ubuntu, and…
The official announcement detailing the removal of Flatpak from Ubuntu flavors.

If you want to enable Flatpak in Xubuntu, the process is straightforward. Check out my recent article, Enable Flatpak in Xubuntu, for instructions on enabling Flatpak and adding the Flathub repository to your system.

Xubuntu is now on Mastodon

Have your social networks felt a little too... centralized, lately? Come to Mastodon and enjoy interacting with Xubuntu's new social media presence, @[email protected]. While you're at it, you might also be interested in following Xfce (@[email protected]), Lubuntu (@[email protected]), Kubuntu (@[email protected]), or Ubuntu Studio (@[email protected]), to get you started with a few projects.

Xubuntu (@[email protected])
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Xubuntu on Mastodon. What could be better than frequent updates about open source software posted on open source software?

Package updates

There was a smattering of relevant package updates in Xubuntu 23.04 this month. You can find the full list of package updates on GitHub by comparing commits to the xubuntu-manifest project.

Comparing ec61d3ede0ade6da4253827a4adb5578832fad71...daily-live · Xubuntu/xubuntu-manifest
Manifest files for each Xubuntu release. Contribute to Xubuntu/xubuntu-manifest development by creating an account on GitHub.
The xubuntu-manifest project makes it easy to compare updates between releases or each daily build.
  • baobab 43.0 > 44 beta
  • gnome-disk-utility 43.0 > 44 Beta
  • gnome-font-viewer 43.0 > 44 Beta
  • gnome-sudoku 43.1 > 44 Beta
  • libreoffice 7.4.3 > 7.5.1 RC2
  • libxfce4ui 4.18.1 > 4.18.2
  • parole 4.16.0 > 4.18.0
  • synaptic 0.91.2 > 0.91.3
  • thunar 4.18.3 > 4.18.4
  • xfce4-notifyd 0.7.2 > 0.7.3
  • xfce4-panel 4.18.1 > 4.18.2
  • xfce4-power-manager 4.18.0 > 4.18.1
  • xfce4-session 4.18.0 > 4.18.1
  • xfce4-settings 4.18.0 > 4.18.2
  • xfce4-systemload-plugin 1.3.1 > 1.3.2
  • xubuntu-desktop 2.246 > 2.248


That's all from me this month! If you've come this far, you're looking for something to do. Why not join in to the Ubuntu 23.04 Testing Week that's going on now?

Ubuntu 23.04 Testing Week
Ubuntu 23.04 Testing Week Ubuntu and its various flavours will be participating in another Ubuntu Testing Week 🛠 from March 2nd to March 9th! Soon we will be releasing the Ubuntu 23.04 Beta after halting all new changes and between then and the final release 3 weeks later, all efforts are focused…
Join in on the testing fun! From March 2 to March 9, Ubuntu and flavors will be participating in a testing week.

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